Interesting Links to more information and Books on Mt Savage History
Listing of Historical Places in the US National Register of Historic Places
Allegany County photo's
Reminiscing    Interesting story of a Lady living in Mt savage
Allegany County Directory 1878
Allegany County Directory  1895-96
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This website is dedicated to all those families who began
their life in America in the tiny coal town of Midland, Md
WHILBR  Western Maryland Historical Library
St. Georges Church Mt Savage Md.
Farrell Railroad Collection
microfilmed newspaper holdings for Allegany County, Special Collections Room that houses materials on the history and genealogy of Mount Savage, and general books on the history of Allegany County and Western Maryland.   Here are the links for the Ort Library ,  Special Collections , and specifically for genealogy .
Historical look at the Narrows
Maryland Historical Museums Guide
Mt Savage Locomotive Shop by Patrick H. Stakem, 

Email Pat at
Maryland resources page check our site for helpful resources related to Maryland
Genealogical Society of Allegany County http:/
Mt Savage School
Strasburg Rail Road
Once owned a Loco made in Mt. Savage 
The Friend Family Web  Founder of Friendsville Md.
Western Maryland History----Family History's
Western Maryland Railway Index
Turkey Foot Road
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