Country Directory 1895     Mt.Savage
Aldridge Oscar, driver, Jealous Row
Aldridge William, engineer, County rd
Andrew Benjamin, railroader, County rd
Arnold Benjamin F, miner, County rd

Bahr Harvey, railroader, Jealous Row
Baker Alfred, railroader, Jealous Row
Baker Lewis, miner, County rd
Baker William E, railroader, Main nr Water
Ball Nicholas, miner, County rd
Barrett Anthony, railroader, Jealous Row
Barrett Anthony L, miner, County rd
Barrett Benjamin, railroader, County rd
Barrett Edward L, railroader, Jealous Row
Barrett James E, railroader, Water nr Main
Barrett Patrick, miner, County rd
Barrett Patrick jr, miner, County rd
Barth Charles, railroader, Jealous Row
Barth George G, railroader, Jealous Row
Barth Henry, railroader, County rd
Barth John, shoemaker, County rd
Barth William, miner, County rd
Beal John J, miner, County rd
Beal Jonathan, miner, County rd       
Beal Manuel, railroader, Foundry Row
Beaver John, shoemaker, Main nr Water
Bearer William, miner, County rd
Bender Albert, miner, Jealous Row
Bennett John L, railroader, Foundry Row
Best Francis, railroader, Jealous Row
Best Harry L, railroader, County rd
Biddington Geo G, stonemason, Jealous Row
Birmingham James A, constable, Main nr Water
Birmingham James F, saloon, Main nr Water
Black S N, railroader, Jealous Row
Black William M, railroader, County rd
Blank Edward, miner, County rd
Blank Levy, railroader, Jealous Row
Blank Samuel, railroader, County rd
Bloome Edward, miner, County rd
Bolin Charles L, railroader, County rd
Booth Wm H, railroader, Jealous Row
Bowers Mack, railroader
Bowman Esquire, miner, County rd
Brailer Augustus, carpet weaver, New Row
Brailer Augustus jr, New Row
Brailer George, railroader, New Row
Brailer Jerome, general store, County rd
Brailer Lawrence, miner, County rd
Brailer Thomas, railroader, 216 New Row
Breen Joseph, railroader, Jealous Row
Brennon Alexander, miner, County rd
Brennon John W, general store, County rd
Brennon Robert H, general store, Main c Water
Brescoe James, watchman, Jealous Row
Brescoe John, watchman, Jealous Row
Broderick John, miner, County rd
Broderick Thomas, miner, County rd
BRUCE HENRY T, master mechanic C & P R R
Burall George W, railroader, Jealous Row
Burwell Lewis C, railroader, Jealous Row
BURWELL PHILIP L, consulting engineer C & P R R
Bywaters Charles S, clerk, County rd
Callaghan Felix, miner, County rd
Callaghan Patrick, shoemaker, Main
Campbell Mathew, supt Union Mining Co, New Row
Carney James, miner, County rd
Carney John, miner, County rd
Carney John J, railroader, Jealous Row
Carney Thomas, merchant, s Barton
Carrobien Richard M, miner, County rd
Carter Dennis T, miner, County rd
Carter James T, miner, Jealous Row
Carter William T, miner, County rd
Casey Abraham, blacksmith, County rd
Casey Joseph T, miner, County rd
Casey Robert, blacksmith, County rd
Cassady Thomas, miner, County rd
(Colored) Chisley James, barber, Main nr Water
Chislin Jessey, miner, County rd
Clark George A, miner, County rd
CLARK'S HALL, Main c County rd
CLARE MARY E, general store, Main
Coburn Benjamin, miner, County rd
Collins Patrick, miner, County rd
Conway Peter, miner, County rd
Cottwell George, miner, County rd
Cowgill J M, contractor, Water nr Main
Crowe William S, clerk, Jealous Row
Crowe Wm W, painter, County rdDavis John, miner, Main
DAVIS RACHEL, general store, Main

Emerick Charles, butcher, County rd
Evans G W, saloon, Main
Ewald Frederick, saloon, County rd

Fannon Edward, miner, Jealous Row
Farrell John P, barber, County rd

Galvin Annie, dressmaker, County rd
Goorich Charles O, miner, County rd
Goodrich Leroy, miner, County rd
Hammers Wm F, conductor, County rd
Hardy Charles, saloon, Main
Hans Perry F, fireman, County rd
HAUS SAMUEL C, general store, Main nr C & P R R
Henckle Henry C, brewer, County rd
Hergot Francis, machinist, Jealous Row
Hocking Dr George H, Foundry Row

Jenkins Edward, carpenter, Jealous Row
Jenkins John E, clerk, Country rd
JOHNSON WM, tinner, Foundry Row
Jones James L, saloon, County rd
Jose James, rigger, Jealous Row

Kain Michael J, boilermaker, County rd
Kelly Eliza, dressmaker, Main
KENAH HENRY E, postmaster and express agent
Kirby Wm A, wagonmaker, County rd

McMULLIN HUGH A, general store, County rd
Manley Patrick, miner, County rd
Maser Frank, butcher, County rd
Mellott Dennis W, miner, County rd
Methodist Episcopal Church, Church Hill
MILLER JOSEPH, shoemaker, Main
Mullady Dennis, miner, County rdNeder Joseph, painter, County rd
Noonan James, laborer, Foundry Row
Noonan Wm E, laborer, Foundry Row
Norris John W, conductor, Jealous Row
Norris Wm, brakeman, Jealous Row
Nott Rev John W, County rd

O'Connor Patrick, miner, County rd
Orndoff John jr, miner, Jealous Row

Porter Bros, saloon, County rd
Porter George W, watchman, Foundry Row
Porter John, brakeman, Foundry Row
Porter John B, driver, Jealous Row
Porter Samuel T, clerk, County rd
Porter Steven, conductor, Foundry Row
POSTOFFICE, Henry E Kenah, p m, C & P R R depot

Rarig Conrad, engineer, Jealous Row
Ratigan Joseph, laborer, County rd
Ready Michael, brickmolder, County rd
Reagan Geo A, grocer, Main

Shaffer Francis F, clerk, Jealous Row
Shaffer Henry S, clerk, Jealous Row
Shaffer Rinehart E, blacksmith, County rd
Shaffer Mrs S S, music teacher, County rd
SHERIDAN JOHN, gen'l mangr Union Mining Co
Sherry Patrick, miner, Foundry Row
Smith Charles, miner, Jealous Row
St George's (P E) Church, Church Hill
St Patrick's (R C) Church, School and Hall
Still Rev James D, Church Hill

Thompson Mrs E, music teacher, County rd
Tharp William W, cleric, County rd
Thrasher Clarence E, brakeman, Jealous Row
Timmins Miss P, music teacher, New Row

Trimble Miss Nellie, music teacher, New Row
TURNER ALONZO B, cashier Union Mining Co

Uhl Charles R, clerk, Foundry Row
Uhl Eli, machinist, Foundry Row
Uhl G, Clinton, clerk, Foundry Row
Uhl Geo A, Foundry Row
Uhl John H, telegrapher, Foundry Row
Union Cornet Band, County rd
UNION MINING CO, coal miners and shippers of coal and fire brick manufacturers

Williams Rev E A
Wills Edward, saloon, Foundry Row