Mt. Savage Historical Society  Genealogy Committee

Allegany County Marriages Book C
July 1865 - Nov 1873

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Dear Friends,

The Mt. Savage Historical Society is endeavoring to establish a quality genealogy library and research center.

We have had many inquiries from people who are researching their family trees and Mt. Savage roots.  We

have a lot of information that we are currently archiving and we feel that this info would benefit the people

who are trying to trace their family history.  We also, first and foremost, want to record and preserve this

valuable family information for generations to come.  We fear, that if it isn't gathered and preserved now,

it may be lost for all time.

We are asking members and friends of the Historical Society to help us retrieve this information.  If

everyone will submit their personal family tree, it will add greatly to the records for the Mt. Savage area.

Enclosed, you will find pedigree charts (family trees); each husband and wife household would fill out

a pedigree chart for their father and mother's line.

If you wish, you may omit dates for any living person, but please record their name.  Complete as much

of the chart as possible.  You may note "unknown" in any space that you don't have information for.

If you don't have enough charts, just put your information on a plain piece of paper.

We hope that each of you will also share copies of family and town photographs.  These are a very

valuable link to our past.  The old adage stands true, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Please

submit copies of the photographs with as much information as possible; i.e. names, dates, and place

the photo was taken.

If you or someone in your family have completed a family tree for any of  your ancestral lines, a copy

of that file would be a welcomed addition to our library.

It should be noted too,  that on many occasions, a family member will have worked on the family

genealogy, collected family records and those records are passed on to a family member after the

person's death.  Many times the family does not know what to do with this information, but will

realize the value of the project,  and the records are stored away.  Should you, or someone you

know, have such records, the Mt. Savage Historical Society would be happy to accept the records,

or copies of them.  They will be sorted and preserved in our library/research center.

It is the hope of our genealogy committee to have each member and friend's participation in

this project.  We feel it is very important to record and preserve our area's rich family history.

Please don't let your family history be lost in time.

Printable Family History Chart.......FamilyHistoryChart.pdf‏

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.

Becky Korns

Mt. Savage Historical Society
PO Box 401
Mt. Savage, Maryland  21545